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Give the Gift of Sight in December!

We know how much your eyesight is important to you – and we hope you will help others this month by giving to ISPB! A gift in any amount will save sight and change the lives of so many in our community!


Last year, the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness (ISPB) was able to help over 130 low income Illinois residents of all ages acquire low vision equipment and replacement glasses. ISPB was also able to fund over $105,000 in research grants to conquer eye disease! In the past 41 years, we have awarded $1.56 million in grants.

Here is what Dr. Kaja’s lab at Loyola University has been doing with ISPB funding:

“Over the past six years, ISPB has supported the trainees and their translational research projects in Dr. Simon Kaja’s Visual Neurobiology and Signal Transduction Laboratory. The lab’s goal is to discover new treatments for blinding eye diseases. Dr. Kaja said, ‘We are grateful to ISPB for being a steadfast believer in our trainees. By empowering the next generation of vision researchers and ophthalmologists, ISPB continues to accelerate the development of therapies for some of the most disabling diseases.’

Anita Ghosh received ISBP’s 2020 Helen and Wesley E. Bass, Jr. AMD Award. Utilizing bioinformatics, Anita identified a signaling pathway that may contribute critically to the progression of wet AMD. She is currently developing a gene therapy approach to test in experimental models for wet AMD. Michael Volyanyuk is investigating whether antioxidants can help alleviate the symptoms of dry eye disease in various experimental models. Dry eye disease remains one of the most common complaints seen in ophthalmic practice. The first findings from this work were recently published in scientific literature and provide the basis for the design of clinical trials evaluating antioxidants in dry eye patients.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ISPB’s two staff members and three public health interns from Illinois universities were able to provide virtual presentations and educational materials about eye health and safety to hundreds of families throughout the state.

Please support our vital mission!

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