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October 2022 Newsletter from ISPB & PBIL

A HUGE thank you to Rosin Eyecare for donating several hundred eyeglass frames for those in need! These frames are being used to make glasses for people who cannot afford them otherwise. WE APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROSITY!

Contact Lens Safety Month

October is Contact Lens Safety Month at ISPB and Prevent Blindness Illinois. Cosmetic contact lenses, often called zero-power or plano contact lenses, can make quite a fashion statement, especially for Halloween. But when these lenses are bought without a prescription at boutiques, beach shops, tattoo parlors and other nonprofessional retailers, they pose serious health risks. People, teenagers in particular, have nearly lost their sight as the result of using non-prescription lenses like these. 

If you wear contact lenses and think you take good care of them, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you worn contacts while swimming or in a hot tub?
  • Do you rinse your contacts or your lens case with tap water?
  • Do you re-use solution or “top off” the solution in your lens case?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could be at risk of acquiring a potentially blinding eye infection.

Visit our dedicated page HERE

Pictured: Prevent Blindness staff Kate Desulis screens a fan at the Wrigley Field World Sight Day Screening Event on September30th.

Community Happenings

Our staff, team of interns and volunteers provide eye health education and outreach at all types of community events, including health fairs, presentations and screenings! As back to school season comes to a close, we shift our attention to eye health and safety presentations. We will be continuing our efforts during these dates:

November 19, 2022
9:00am – VOSH Eye Exam Clinic, Rohingya Cultural Center
December 8, 2022     
1:00pm – Diabetes and your eyes Presentation, Northbrook Park District Leisure Center
March 19, 2023           
11:00am – Low Vision Presentation, Ascension of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Church, Lincolnshire
April 13, 2023             
1:00pm – Women’s Vision and Eye Health Presentation, Northbrook Park District Leisure Center

Looking for a Presentation for your Organization?

PBIL/ISPB offers presentations on a variety of eye health topics that can range from from 30 to 60+ minutes.

Some topics include:

  • Living Well with Low Vision
  • Aging and Your Eyes
  • Women’s Vision and Eye Health
  • Eye Safety in the Workplace
  • Diabetes and the Eyes

Contact to schedule a presentation today!

Fight for Sight-Prevent Blindness Joanne Angle Public Health Award

Fight for Sight and Prevent Blindness are delighted to announce a 2023 partnership to fund a research award to better serve the missions of both organizations. A one-year $22,500 Grant in Aid award called the Fight for Sight-Prevent Blindness Joanne Angle Public Health Award will support public health research in vision related to:

  • Burden or economic aspects of eye disease and vision loss on society
  • Best practices in integrating vision and eye health into existing systems (e.g., screening and follow-up eye care, decreasing vision health disparities in underserved populations, or reducing barriers to eye care)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of vision and eye health care and screening programs 
  • Impact of vision loss on social opportunities (can be related to education, employability, or quality of life)

Applications must be submitted on Fight for Sight’s grant portal by November 15, 2022. The recipient will be announced in spring, 2023.

For more information on the Fight for Sight-Prevent Blindness Joanne Angle Public Health Award, please contact

Through the generosity of our friends at Zenni, your child (up to age 20) could receive a voucher for a standard pair of glasses!

* Must have a current prescription available (within one year), along with pupillary distanceContact for more information

Living Well with Low Vision Resource Webinar

Are you living with vision loss and/or blindness, have a family member or loved one with vision loss, or work with individuals with low vision? If you answered yes, please join Prevent Blindness on November 16 from 6:00-6:45pm (Eastern) to:

  • Understand what low vision is and how trusted information and resources can ease the burden of vision loss
  • Become familiar with the Living Well With Low Vision website – a resource designed for people living with vision loss or blindness and those providing care
  • Learn about the accessibility features and resources available for individuals living with vision loss and their caregivers on the Living Well With Low Vision website

Register HERE

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