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Financial Assistance Program for Eye Exams and Eyeglasses

What is the Financial Assistance Program?

Prevent Blindness’ Financial Assistance Program provides adults and children in need with eye exams and new glasses (if necessary) at no cost.

How the Program Works

Prevent Blindness partners with the following organizations to provide access to quality eye care and glasses.

  • VSP (Vision Service Plan) Eyes of Hope Program: This program/voucher will provide eye exams and glasses for adults and children. 
  • OneSight Eyeglass Program: This program/voucher will provide adults and children with a current eyeglass prescription with eyeglasses only. No eye exam is provided with this program/voucher.

How do I qualify for the Financial Assistance Program?

To qualify for the program, you need to meet the following: 

1.) Income at or below the current 200% federal poverty guidelines

2.) No vision benefits through Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance

How do I learn more about the Financial Assistance Program?

To find out more information about Prevent Blindness’ Financial Assistance Program, please contact Tasha Lockridge at or call 800-331-2020 x6027.

For more information on our website, please

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