About Us

Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness is dedicated to the care, protection and preservation of sight through programs that support research, better living with low vision, and community education.


Eye Education

Learn about common problems and diseases along with proper health and safety tips.

Reimbursement Services

Learn about eligibility requirements and our partners for low vision equipment and children’s replacement glasses.

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Presentations and Community Outreach

Want ISPB to provide screening and information at your event? Speak to a group about a specific topic?

Research Grants

For medical students, residents, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, assistant professors, and other junior faculty members in Illinois.

Meet Adelia

Chicago native Adelia spent her entire 52-year career helping others as a nurse. Unfortunately, she started losing her eyesight due to glaucoma after she retired. She lost total sight in her right eye three years ago and was very eager to save as much sight in her left eye as possible. After a visit with Dr. Tracy Matchinski at the Illinois Eye Institute’s Rosenbloom Center, they decided on two different types of magnifiers that would greatly help Adelia’s ability to read and perform everyday tasks. She said that receiving a grant from ISPB for the magnifiers was like her “birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!” She is extremely grateful and appreciative of ISPB and we are thrilled to help her remain independent and happy.

Making an Impact in Illinois
Impact facts:

Nearly $1.7 million in research grants distributed since 1980.

$35,000 annually given to fund low vision equipment and youth replacement glasses.

Thousands of community members educated about eye health and safety each year.


Summer 2022 Newsletter from ISPB & PB IL

Prevent Blindness IL and ISPB have declared May 16th through May 22nd as Annual Inherited Retinal Disease (IRD) Genetic Testing Week to raise awareness about inherited retinal diseases and the importance…

July is Dry Eye Disease Awareness Month

“Dry eye disease (DED)” is a condition that occurs when tears do not provide adequate lubrication for the eyes. The discomfort that results from dry eyes may affect vision….

My Retina Tracker Genetic Testing Program

Do you have a clinical diagnosis of inherited retinal degeneration (IRD) and live in the United States and/or the US territories? The Foundation Fighting Blindness, in partnership with Blueprint…

New Resources for Reducing Eye Strain from Screens

In response to increased virtual and screen-based activities during the coronavirus pandemic, ISPB and Prevent Blindness Illinois have launched a new awareness campaign,, Take a Screen Time Out. All…