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We express gratitude for the FY20 gifts from the following individuals, trusts, corporations and foundations

Ruth Ann Brandt Trust Mary L. Medlock Trust J. Henry Norton Charitable Trust
$1,000 – $19,999
Cooney & Conway Attorneys at Law Managed Care & Healthcare Communications, LLC Retina Consultants, Ltd.
William Yoxall Trust
$25 – $999
The Chicago Community Trust The Frances Johnson Trust Marchon
Shure Incorporated Burton E. Vergowe Trust Bertha A. Yoxall Trust

Premier Members

Dr. Chris Albanis | Anonymous | Dr. Charles S. Bouchard| Tom Bridges

Dr. Kathryn Colby | Dr. Kara Crumbliss | Donna Dreiske | Dr. John Galasso

Dr. Michael Giovingo | Fritz and Betty Keil | Dr. Mat MacCumber

Dr. Kirk Packo | Dr. Yi Pang | Dr. Peter Panton | Dr. John S. Pollack

Jeanne E. Ritchie | Dr. Mark Rosenblatt | Dr. Jonathan Rosin

Dr. Jon Ruderman | Dr. Dimitra Skondra | Dr. Bruce Teitelbaum

Drs. Lawrence Ulanski and Charlotte Enns Joslin | Dr. Nicholas Volpe

Mary Elizabeth White | Dr. Janis Winters

Professional Members

Dr. Mark Alles | Anonymous | Dr. Alan Axelrod | Dr. Robert Barnes | Dr. Andrew Berman

Dr. Sandra Block | Dr. Robert Brenart | Dr. Dingcai Cao | Dr. Serge de Bustros

DuPage Ophthalmology | Dr. Mark Esaray | Dr. Kelly Frantz | Dr. Manjot Gill

Dr. Sohail Hasan| Dr. Sarah Hilkert Rodriguez | Dr. Shaun Ittiara | Dr. Michael Korey

Dr. Linda Kresca | Dr. Steven Lichtenstein | Dr. Timothy McMahon | Dr. Pauline Merrill

Dr. Stephanie Messner | Dr. Leonard Messner | Dr. Grant Miller |Dr. Jeffrey Mono

Dr. Jon Russell | Dr. Peter Russo | Spectrum Eye Institute | Dr. Evan Stubbs, Jr.

Dr. Melissa Suckow | Dr. Joel Sugar | Dr. Steven Trzepacz

Sight Saver Members

Anonymous | Elyse Fineman and Adam Zoll | Virginia Gazdziak | Lyle and Nancy Hughart

Ethelle Katz | Maureen LaRaviere | Anne Rorimer | Carol Schalk | Julie and Bob Stracks

Anonymous | Arbor Center for Eyecare, S.C. | Joyce Bernstein | Floyd Blanks

Dr. Ping Bu | Roger Chachula | Robert Hays, Jr. | Laurie Lieberman | Dennis Packee

Brian Peelle | Todd Reeser | Mary Rose Reiter | Warner Rosenthal | Mary Swinderman

Dr. Irving Zagorin

Salma Ali | Alexander Buckley | Iqbal Majeed | Araba Otoo | Melanie Taffe

My Retina Tracker Genetic Testing Program

Do you have a clinical diagnosis of inherited retinal degeneration (IRD) and live in the United States and/or the US territories? The Foundation Fighting Blindness, in partnership with Blueprint...

New Resources for Reducing Eye Strain from Screens

In response to increased virtual and screen-based activities during the coronavirus pandemic, ISPB and Prevent Blindness Illinois have launched a new awareness campaign, Take a Screen Time Out. All...

Illinois Vision Screening and Exam Mandates for Children

Help Your Child Be a Star “Pupil” This Year ISPB and Prevent Blindness Illinois recommend a continuum of eye care for children to include both vision screening and comprehensive eye...

April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Two out of every three people living with blindness or vision problems are women, according to the National Eye Institute. And, data from The Future of Vision: Forecasting the...