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ISPB is the people’s advocate for healthy vision. We work to elevate the dialogue around vision and significant public health issues such as surveillance, access, prevention messaging, service integration, program development and replication. We support the development of effective state vision health systems in Illinois.

Publications and Resources

Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System (VEHSS)

Vision Problems in the U.S.

Children’s Vision and Eye Health Report: A Snapshot of Current National Issues

Key Public Health Reports and Publications

Prevent Blindness Patient Education Materials

Fact Sheets

Patient Education Materials – Bulk Purchase Order form

Prevent Blindness Training and Education

Healthy Eyes Education Series

Diabetes and the Eyes Educational Toolkit

Star Pupils School Eye Health and Safety Curriculum

Children’s Vision Screening Certification Course

Contact us at 1-800-331-2020 or by email if you are interested in Prevent Blindness vision screening training and certification or other online training opportunities.

Scientific Advisory Committee

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National Focus on Eye Health Summit

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Free Eye Health Curricula for Children Available

Many schools and educational facilities across the country are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Educators, public health and non-profit groups are looking for quality, no-cost educational materials...

May is UV Awareness Month

Extended exposure ultraviolet (UV) rays can immediately cause damage to eyes, including photokeratitis, also referred to as a “corneal sunburn.”  UV damage to the eyes may also be cumulative,...

Important Message to Eye Care Patients regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

For everyone’s health and safety, ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other doctors are being urged to see only patents for urgent or emergent problems during the coronavirus pandemic. This is important...